KNR & Company (An ISO 9001 Certified), a name that stands for the reliable and high performance products in the Indian Marine Industry. The wider and deeply dedicated network of more than 120 exclusive marine product dealers and the thorough domain expertise is what renders the cutting edge for KNR. Establishing its presence across the entire coastal belt of India by covering all the Nine Coastal States of India, KNR is a indelible name in the Indian Marine Industry.
With the Sound Technical Expertise, Widest Marine Dealer Network in India, Proven Track Record & Capability, Ability to provide Critical solutions to Marine Industry and the Deep Commitment to its customers, KNR is a indelible name in the Indian Marine Industry. With its strong footing in the Indian Marine Fraternity, KNR looks forward to take tale up related products for the marine Industry that can leverage its presence in the Industry.

Genesis :
The enterprising spirit in Mr.R.Jagadeesh leads him to start the company in 1945. From a humble Engine Overhauling Company in Rameshwaram (Southern Coast of India) catering to the mechanised fishing & trawler Industry it grew into a state–of-the-art manufacturing company catering to the wider needs of the marine industry at large.

Facility :
Based out of Coimbatore, one among the key industrial hubs of South India, KNR’s location strategically empowers the faster, better and cheaper access to Raw material and Resources. The company houses modern and automated machinery that is key for the manufacturer of high – performance products. KNR is committed for every product that it churns out. The perfect orchestration of Men, Material, Machinery and Method is what defines the manufacturing unit of KNR.

Network :
With more than four decades of experience and more than 120 exclusive marine product dealers throughout the coastal belt of India, KNR serves its customers to their utmost satisfaction. Stretching its network in both the east and west coast of India, from Kanyakumari to Gujarat in West and Kolkata in the East, Covering all Entire coastal belt in Nine states viz. Tamilnadu, Kerela, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat, Orissa, Maharashtra; KNR is a name to be reckoned with in the Marine Industry.

Quality & Commitment :
With its deep rooted values and commitment to their customers, KNR has meticulously strived to earn the trust of its customer throughout. The Enduring commitment to Quality is what gives you Ever-lasting Relationships:

With the expertise, experience and extensive network, KNR envisages expanding its product / marine accessory line and looks forward to add strength to its portfolio. With its ability to handle sales, service and solutioning, KNR would be a ideal partner to progress.
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